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Photo of Debra Brungardt
Not at MY Store!!!
Items NOT at MY Store!!! Most of the Food & Beverage items in the cartwheel app are NOT AT MY Store! This is VERY AGGRAVATING!!!! I h...
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Photo of Joe Lushine
Social saver badge still a problem
I'm having the same problem a lot of people are having with the social saver badge. I've done what was needed, many times, but still no...
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Photo of Penny
Kind of annoyed. I've been faithfully shopping at Target, since having my son last October. Also have been using Cartwheel as well. Very ...
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Photo of Jon Berry
New Cartwheel Release
As some of you may have noticed last week, we released a new version of Cartwheel.  We applied a brand new coat of paint to Cartwheel, ...
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